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Now in our 9th year of serving God, the local community, and reaching around the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization with no paid employees! 100% of your giving benefits ministry efforts world-wide.


God has uniquely positioned Cornerstone Church to impact people around the World with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Since Cornerstone Church has no paid employees, we are able to invest significantly in our mission partners. We provide not only financial aid, but also Biblical training to Pastors and others as they study materials developed by Pastor Rod and rooted in the Bible. The lessons are delivered via Cornerstone International Bible College. The relationships that have developed are a treasure in the Kingdom of God.

Our Primary Partners in Uganda

Pastor Alex Owori

Reverend David Wandira

Pastor Chuma Shadrach

Pastors James Joel Otieno &

               Dallan Grace James 

Our Primary Partners in Kenya

Pastor Donald Onyango

Pastor Buchunju Asa

Pastors James Joel Otieno &

               Dallan Grace James 

Our Primary Partner in India

Pastor David Gnania

Our Primary Partner From South Sudan

Pastor Gira Stephen

Our Primary Partner in Zambia

Pastor Booker Manampelu

Our Primary Partner in Ukraine

Pastor Ivanovich Mycola Hobulaka 


Cornerstone Church is located in the heart of Mentone, Indiana which bills itself as the "Egg Basket of the Midwest." Because of this large, concrete egg that sits in town, we call ourselves the "Eggtown Church."



Pastor Rod Utter

Phone          (765) 469-7229


Cornerstone Church

101 North Franklin Street, Mentone, IN, USA

(574) 353-4055

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